Buy directly from leading European factory - Minimum order 39 sqft.

The infinite customisation options is the essence of our cement tiles. You can freely combine any pattern with our 72 colours, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique floor. This is why Mosaic del Sur ® cement tiles are the perfect flooring material for creative interior design.

The Mosaic del Sur® factory in Tangier and the showrooms throughout Europe manufacture and sell encaustic cement tiles, granito tiles and zellige tiles.
We offer a STOCK of over 500 designs and more than 15,000m2 of Encaustic cement and granito tiles that are available for immediate purchase in our ONLINE SHOP. Updated every few minutes, our ONLINE SHOP shows you exactly what is available and includes our most popular designs, hexagonal tiles, patchwork as well as our latest releases. Discover our new encaustic cement tiles in Hexa-long and Diamond shapes along with our new textured marbled and Wavy Lines colour finishes. If you wish to customise and create your own unique tile, our ONLINE SIMULATOR allows you to generate your bespoke design. Choose from more than 1000 patterns in different shapes and sizes, combine them with the colours in our palette and visualise the result in 3D or placed on a virtual floor. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can order directly online. We will manufacture your tiles in 5 weeks (production and drying process). The minimum order for any order is 3,6m2 / 38,7 sqft.